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Friday, November 8

8:00am MST

9:10am MST

Colorful Chemistry Demos J 48-52Deanna Cullen • Linda Cummings Getting Students Excited About Stoichiometry with Project Based Learning J 49-53Kirsten Landry • Emily Danitz • Deanna Detmer EarthComm: A Project-Based Earth Science Curriculum that Uses an Authentic NGSS Approach K 49-53Marilyn Schmidt Landing on Mars with Inquiry-Based Learning G 39-45Monnie Barrett • Jessica Kegel • Collin Sasaki Modeling Changes on the Earth's Surface G 30-36Deborah Linscomb • Deborah Linscomb The CU Boulder Museum's Fossils in the Classroom Project: The Hands-on Study of Fossils H 30-38Jim Hakala Fire Ecology at Rocky Mountain National Park G 47-53Danielle York Modeling Nutrients as Contaminants J 40-46Amy Winter • Lisa Yemma Reimagining Field Trips: Ranger Led Virtual Programs with Rocky Mountain National Park H 48-52Kathryn Ferguson Rocky Mountain Environmental Hazards Challenge - An Engaging Approach to Natural Hazards Education F 46-52Justin Zakoren Ute STEM: Colorado's First Scientists G 38-44Liz Cook Cave Rescue meets Electromagnetism J 30-38Chris Aaby • Dave Jackson Engineering Design in the NGSS H 39-45TCI Engineering Design Project-Based Labs Using PASCO Technology H 40-46Rosario Rodolfo Going 3D: Making Sense of the New Colorado Science Standards F 38-44Jessi Davis Project Based Learning with HyperDuinos and Animals in Elementary Classrooms J 41-47UNCO Students • Jennifer Parrish • Teresa Higgins “Phenomenal” Design Challenges by Raft J 31-39Nick Haag Transplantation Science - A FREE Hands-on Workshop for Students K 41-47Anne Gaspers 2020 Colorado Science Standards G 31-37Maya Garcia CSEN Gathering: Leveraging partnerships toward a common vision K 35-39Lori Reinsvold Bring Science and Math together with the Technology thru Engineering H 31-37Cassie Whitecotton The CREATE Open Program: a next-level robotics program focused on freedom of choice F 30-36Kristin Frederick • Jim Schulte Little Shop of Physics: We Are All Connected! ExhibitSheila Ferguson • Heather Michalak • Adam Pearlstein

10:20am MST

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12:15pm MST

AP Chemistry Teaching Nuggets J 48-52Linda Cummings Explore a Cave to Learn Geology and Chemistry J 30-38Chris Aaby • Dave Jackson Astronomy Outside the Box G 38-44Mary Gregory CLEAN & NGSS H 48-52Katie Boyd Get Inspired to Teach NGSS with GLOBE Weather G 30-36Emily Snode-Brenneman ATMOSPHERE, CLIMATE & GLOBAL WARMING J 40-46Amy Winter • Lisa Yemma Creating Effective Outdoor Science Activities J 31-39Katie Navin Ecology Field Methods in the Classroom F 46-52Kirsten Bell • Katelin Gaeth On-Target® Water Testing Kits F 30-36Josephine Hofstetter A Focus on Modeling in the Phenomenon-Based Classroom K 49-53Marilyn Schmidt • Dan Toberman Do It Like A Scientist! Claims, Evidence, & Reasoning J 49-53Josh Morris Elementary Science Make-and-Take G 46-52 & H 47-53UNCO Students • Teresa Higgins Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - Scientific Modeling K-5 F 38-44James Oliver Integrating Crosscutting Concepts into Your Classroom H 39-45TCI Phenomenon “ What, Where, When, Why? J 41-47Craig Gabler Soil- Life's Main Ingredient G 39-45Melissa Bigge The First Step in 3-D Printing K 35-39Nadene Klein A Medical Mystery--A Free Online Curriculum for Middle School G 47-53Sue Kowalski • Betty Stennett Growing a Gender-Inclusive Biology Curriculum K 41-47Sam Long • Lewis Maday-Travis Designing Inclusive Science Learning Environments: Supporting Students Who Receive Special Education Services G 31-37Maya Garcia Order Up a Helping of Forensics, With a Side of Maggots! H 30-38Jeff Lukens STEPUP: A cultural change to inspire Girls in Physics H 40-46Alisa Grimes Take Flight With Wings Over the Rockies' Aerospace Programs H 31-37April Lanotte • Gus Posey

1:10pm MST

1:55pm MST

Balanced and Unbalanced Forces G 30-36Deborah Linscomb Playing with the Periodic Table J 48-52Sandra Weeks Healthy Oceans as an Elementary School Curriculum Topic J 49-53Nancy Carlisle STEM Program Teaching World Food Sustainability F 38-44Jennifer Scharpe 30 Demos in 50 Minutes G 46-52 & H 47-53UNCO Students • Rob Reinsvold Citizen Science in the Classroom J 40-46Theresa Hemming Claim, Evidence, Reasoning that supports ELD students G 38-44Linda Flohr • Autumn Rivera Claim-Evidence-Reasoning: Scientific Explanations to Increase Student Voice J 31-39Kristy Wheat • Dr. Kenn Heydrick • Pam O'Brien Is a Zombie Apocalypse Eating at You? Try These STEM Strategies! H 30-38Jeff Lukens Making Three-Dimensional Learning Meaningful for Students Using Science Storylines K 49-53Marilyn Schmidt Raising the Bar With At-Risk Youth K 35-39Nadene Klein Using Authentic Science Notebooks in K-5 J 41-47Brian Campbell Using the 4Cs in the Elementary Science Classroom F 46-52Katie Poulsen Easy and Engaging Dissections for All! - squid, chicken wing, and cow eye F 30-36Jessica McVeigh Evolution for Middle School Educators H 39-45Bertha Vazquez Incorporating Native Plants Into the Classroom G 47-53Jack Carter • David Julie Worm Composting: A Complete Ecosystem in Your Classroom H 48-52Diane Odbert Planning for 3D Instruction: Introducing the Five Tools G 31-37Maya Garcia • Cindy Gay Ride The Rails G 39-45Michael Johnson Hands-on Physics with a 12 Foot Tower J 30-38Chris Aaby • Dave Jackson Discover the world with Atlas Robotics H 40-46Kristin Frederick • Tom Frederick NASA Space Technology: You Can't Take It All With You H 31-37April Lanotte You CAD Do This K 41-47Rob Funk

3:05pm MST

Avogadro's Number, Surprise! J 48-52Tom Bindel Effects of TDS (total dissolved solids and temperature on Ocean and Local Water Systems) J 49-53Rachel Kissner Something is in the Air! H 39-45CeXochitl DeLaTorre • Shelly Grandell • Corey Trujillo Building Resilience in Colorado Communities to Natural Hazards G 30-36Katie Boyd • Anne Gold • Erin Leckey Astronaut Health: Science Education Resources for K-12 and Beyond J 30-38Dana Abbey Critical Creativity in the Secondary Classroom K 41-47Pamela McWilliams Data Literacy for all: SOS Explorer Mobile free app! G 47-53Eric Hackathorn • Hilary Peddicord Empowering Behavior Change through Student-Centered Energy Reduction Competition K 49-53Kathy Croasdale • Shannon Oliver Meaning Making in Primary Grades H 48-52Eileen Patrick Meeting the Needs of Noyce Scholars K 35-39Rob Reinsvold Phenomena Based Learning: Inquiry for All G 38-44Laurie Wretling Sense-Making through Modeling, Argumentation, and Explanations in Grades K-6 J 41-47Brian Campbell Sweating Alcohol in 3-D H 30-38Jeff Lukens 3e NGSS EVOLUTION: INVESTIGATING EMBRYOLOGY J 40-46Amy Winter • Lisa Yemma Exploring Three-Dimensional Instructional Alignment G 31-37Maya Garcia • Cindy Gay Let's Use the 5-Es to Provide Equity in Science Instruction J 31-39Dr. Kenn Heydrick • Kristy Wheat The Young Artist as Scientist: Learning From Leonardo da Vinci G 39-45Mary Jo Pollman Bring high energy physics research into your classroom! H 31-37Cherie Bornhorst Play with phones and robots! H 40-46Kristin Frederick • Tom Frederick

4:00pm MST

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